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So I wanted to throw out some unique ideas for your reception. Listen, everyone does the same stuff and that’s great but if you really want to make your special night even more memorable, then consider adding some of the things in this article. Or be creative and add your own, I would love to hear about it.

Everyone has a DJ, food, drinks, a special toast speech or three, and of course a dance floor. Occasionally someone will sing at a wedding and there will be the special dances, the throwing of the bouquet and garter belt, and the cutting of the cake. These are great and should of course be the standard of all weddings but why not take it a step further and provide your guests with even more options.

Now some of these options will vary depending upon the particular religious theme or lack thereof, the background of the families and of those attending, and of course how close or far the ceremony is from the traditional wedding. The idea is that you want to add different events or attractions for your guests. Not everyone likes to dance and not everyone likes to mingle. By adding a few of these attractions you will not only get people to engage more but you will have more options for entertainment for those people who like to stand on the periphery.

Some of the attractions you might consider would be blackjack and poker tables. There are plenty of professional dealers for hire and your guests can play for tickets, drinks, and prizes. This is a great attraction for the men at your weddings especially.

Another thing you might want to consider are some things for the kids. To be honest this isn’t a big one because kids always seem to find each other at weddings and they always have a great time but if you want to add a little extra for the kiddos (and the parents so they can keep a better eye on them), then you might want to consider a bouncy station, a balloon animal maker, or some other game areas. There are a lot of places where you can rent equipment but you have to make sure you have the room for whatever you have in mind.

Something that would go along with a non-traditional wedding would be to have a local psychic reader there. Usually they will have a small table set up in the corner where they will read tarot cards for the people who want to have a reading. The readings can be done in 10 minutes or longer depending on the interest but this really seems to be a hit. Now you do have to be careful because for some of the older folks or some of your more religious friends they might look at this as offensive. If you think that might be the case you might want to consider this for the bachelorette party.

Also think about having a videographer document the wedding and who goes around during the reception and gets some good interviews on wedding advice. These can be quite funny as well as the footage of all the drunk guests trying to dance later in the evening. There are some really good companies who will edit various videos for you that range from very serious and classy to very cheesy and funny. You can then post the videos online and email the links out to everyone after or even better yet if you had a webpage set up for people to register you can post it there.

Try to think of some ideas yourself, I would love to hear what you come up with.

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